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We offer highly customized support to help your company find the perfect candidate.

Place And Route Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in the semiconductor industry. We support companies by providing a more effective recruitment process and superior results.

Each candidate we introduce to you has been interviewed by our consultants and pre-screened for necessary skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What types of contracts are available?

A We offer two different types of contractual agreements—contingency search agreements and retained search agreements. We also consider each company’s requests and targets when drawing up the specific contract details.

Q Will you always interview the candidates before introducing them to us?

A Yes, our consultants always meet with prospective candidates in person and check their skills, experiences and professional goals prior to introducing them to you.

Q Can you introduce candidates who are familiar with the technical terminology specific to the semiconductor industry and other industry-specific terms?

A All of our consultants have backgrounds in the semiconductor industry, so they are able to quickly and completely understand the skills and experience that you expect from a successful candidate. We have received an approval rating of over 90% for successfully matching the skills sought by our client companies.

Q Can you provide services in English?

A Yes. At your request, we can deal directly with international companies in matters related to contracts and recruitment, etc.

Q Do you introduce candidates from your current database or conduct a search?

A Depending on your requests, we use all possible methods to find your ideal candidate. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

Please consider using our services in situations like these.


We’re using several different agents, but they haven’t introduced many high-quality candidates yet and the recruitment process is taking a long time.


Our consultants are all from the semiconductor industry. They are comfortable with difficult-to-understand industry terminology and technical language, etc., and they introduce candidates with your desired skills and experience. Introducing a large number of candidates at once can be difficult due to specific skill and experience requirements in this field,


Many agencies initially introduced numerous candidates to us when we first requested their support with recruitment, but then stopped contacting us after some time had passed.


As a recruitment firm with proven expertise in the semiconductor industry, we carry out candidate searches 365 days a year entirely in this industry. We provide efficient, ongoing and long-lasting search support as your recruitment partner. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

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